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Our Monterey firm wants to help your business improve its ability to pay employees in a timely manner and ensure proper tax withholding. Organized and communicative, CAL Accounting fulfills the payroll needs of businesses in many industries including food services, construction, retail, and e-commerce. To see how our firm can improve the efficacy of your payroll, call us at 831-275-0084. 


Our Payroll Offerings


We can manage the full range of our client’s payroll needs while accommodating specific pay schedule and tax requirements. Our firm understands that each business requires a unique approach to its payroll services in order to maintain a stable environment for its employees and protect it from liability. When business owners or contractors visit us for assistance, they benefit from individualized attention and care that puts their business first. 


With our expertise at your disposal, we can establish a more routine payroll system that minimizes human error and protects your bottom line. Payroll is not something that can be approached haphazardly, which is why we handle it carefully and proactively, and we do so for entities and operations of all kinds. Small businesses in Monterey can benefit from the following payroll functions: 

• Payroll Processing

• Paycheck Printing

• Integration with QuickBooks®

• Direct Deposit Setup

• Quarterly/Annual Payroll Tax reports


Resolving Payroll Issues in Monterey


When clients bring their payroll issues to us, we offer dedicated attention to resolve the issues and restore stability. Whether due to incorrect data recording or improper payroll systems, many businesses face state or federal penalties due to inaccurate payroll reporting. Our firm will diligently diagnose the error and provide assistance to make sure it no longer occurs, and also establish garnishment to pay what is owed. This can apply to many situations, including those where an incorrect amount was withheld from an employee’s paycheck, and they may not be aware they owe anything. The same can happen to employers or sole proprietors who do not estimate taxes properly or save enough to cover their tax expenses. 


We guide our clients in the process of establishing proper payroll practices and provide strategies in the event they are experiencing issues. CAL Accounting offers expert assistance and help to any businesses struggling with paying their employees, setting up garnishments, and rebuilding payroll structure. 


Contact CAL Accounting Today!


It is our goal to help you save money and reduce liability, and ultimately support the health of your overall business. Contact our firm, delivering effective and personalized payroll services in Monterey. Your first consultation is free and allows us to build personal rapport for tailored services. Payroll is just one of our many services that may help a business, which is why we may include it in a more extensive services package if it is beneficial to our clients.